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Strike is a performance accelerator designed with functional energy ingredients and a vibrant tropical flavor to bring the most out of your workout. Visually, it utilizes a sleek and sophisticated brand identity with a strong color palette  and embodies motivating and building positive lifestyle habits.

Competitive Analysis

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity Design

Packaging Design

Art Direction

Retail Materials


Athletic man resting between sets
Athletic man resting between sets
Logo embdeded in concrete
Strike Can Render Leaning against wall

This confident brand begins with a wordmark that's not afraid to take up space. It utilizes the Grtsk Mega font family, a wide, modern san serif to bring athleticism and a sense of power to the mark. We then paired it with a slanted "S" mark designed to inspire bold, forward movement that can be used in a variety of instances within the brand.

Moody Image of the back of an Athlete streching
Strike packaging falling with can in movement
Strike Street Billboard
Strike Packaging Box
Strike Can agaisnt rocks
Strike Can embdeded in rectangular square in concrete
Outdoor Image of male athelete mid jump in parking lot

The visual identity stands tall on a sophisticated, clean color palette paired with natural, gritty textures that clearly differentiates itself from other energy drinks. We swept away all the frills, the smoke and mirrors, the junk— all that remained was efficiency and confidence.

two strike cans
Strike Can Render

Motivation isn't the same for everyone, and it's not always there when you need it. Strike set out to change that narrative with a performance accelerator drink to bring you lasting energy without all the bad stuff.

Athlete posing with blue boxing gloves
Strike Can
Strike Street Wheatpaste Layout
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