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Better & Better 

The Better & Better journey started by not only challenging the oral care industry’s sustainability standards, but also the quality of toothpaste and what it can deliver. They came to me with an extensive strategy and brand identity so I could help bring their packaging design and digital collateral into that world.

Better & Better

We added to their identity system with a library of icons to bring out their whimsical side and to speak to the benefits of each product. These are crucial selling points for consumers and icons are a great way to get information across quickly and easily. 

As a teaser before the launch, I got to design small sachets to be given out as free samples. They, of course, needed their own email campaigns and social media highlights.

But oral care didn’t just need amazing toothpaste, it also needed updated tools: cue the zero plastic toothbrush and floss.

We also needed a way to highlight the ingredients, and what better way than to give each one their own moment in the spotlight with a digital illustration?

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