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Logo Development  •  Packaging Design  •  App Concept

VOLT Fitness is a new brand in the fitness world. It's bright, clean, straightforward and 100% geared toward improving the performance of its consumers. This brand stretches out across things like protein powders and supplements to small, easily accessible equipment pieces that can help keep you in your best shape.

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Logo Development  •  Packaging Design

TIGO+ is a coconut water based sports drink infused with electrolytes, BCAAs and comes in at only 50 calories. The guide for TIGO's brand was to stand out using bold colors, strong typography, and vibrant fruit images. See the line of flavors below along with the rest of the bottle label:


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Logo Development  •  Packaging Design

Product Photography

M1 is a lightly carbonated energy drink with a refreshing note of citrus flavor. We modeled the M1 brand around ideas of sophistication, luxury, and a lifestyle worth showing off. Much of the can design is influenced from James Bond and the effortless style and class he always has.