Digitizing A Logo

A few days ago a friend of mine asked me about digitizing a logo she had drawn out. After downloading her scanned drawing, I was up for a good challenge. Not that the logo was insanely intricate, or had a crazy number of flourishes or ornaments, but I knew some altering would have to be done and changing the way a few letterforms appeared, which is always a great brain exercise. 

I was excited to get started so I asked Rachana what her desired outcome would be from the sketch. She told me she would like a very simple, clean calligraphy style lettering and two versions of the final product: one in a square format, and one a rectangle. 

Once I put the scanned image into Illustrator I immediately created a set of guidelines marking my baseline, caps height, and x-height (height of the lower-case letters). This helps keep me on track as I recreate the letterforms by hand. It’s important to remember the sketch is only the first draft of a logo. There will always need to be revisions and the precision of the computer will show how off a drawing can be no matter how much time you take with it. 

Rachana provided a great base for me to work from. Her influence for her Etsy store products comes from India. I wanted to maintain the influence she incorporated into the sketch and bring it out a little more. Google proved a good library for Indian calligraphy writing, and I tried to mimic the style as closely as I could with my own calligraphy pen writing out her logo. Here, I would find a good angle for the pen, where to place curves and in what direction they should go, what exaggerations could work and what pieces needed to be altered. 

Here is the before and after: