Hand Lettering

A while back I placed an order for my first set of Tombow brush pens and since then I've been working on getting to know them and improving my hand lettering. The dual end pen is great for having a brush end for larger strokes and a small, harder end for detail and sharper strokes. My new dedication is a Word of the Day for continuous practice. In this new habit, I'm going to switch from the brush pen, to a pilot parallel pen, to hand-drawing letters, and maybe even to using paintbrushes with watercolor and acrylics. There are so many different options for creating custom calligraphy it's hard to know where to start. I want to explore options and find what I'm most comfortable with. Pictured below are my first six days. I've explored the brush pen (day 1, 2, and 6), hand drawn letterforms (day 4 & 5) and a calligraphy pen that didn't turn out to work so smoothly (day 3). You can follow my future doodles on my Instagram account @tonywileydesign.